Billions at risk of serious illness

The global burden of fungal infections continues to grow throughout the world. From community-acquired to hospital-associated to advanced HIV diseases, fungal infections are affecting more than 1 billion people globally, accounting for 1.5 million deaths every year. (

These infections need greater awareness among governments, health agencies and communities, but more importantly, they need to become more understood and recognizable among those physicians who are providing care to these patients.


World Class Diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis is key to proper patient care, especially with the continuing rise of improper or unnecessary treatment which can lead to antimicrobial resistance. Providing healthcare professionals a reliable and rapid test result is lifesaving for many patients.

From single test, rapid lateral flow assays (LFA) to high-volume, enzyme immunoassays (EIA/ELISA), IMMY has developed affordable solutions that provide faster turn-around times with proven clinical accuracy.


Bringing fungal diagnostics to a global audience

IMMY has been partnering with, and serving clinicians, laboratorians, and infectious disease physicians around the globe for more than 40 years. Our product solutions are being utilized in more than 80 countries to reduce the burden of fungal diseases and ultimately save lives.